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Welcome to my website…

I was born in the English Cotswolds but now live in a quiet Oxfordshire village between Oxford and Stratford upon Avon where my work revolves around the changing seasons. If I’m not working ‘in the field’ I’ll be in my quiet studio on a small dairy farm where the rythmn of farm life goes on around me, but when I can I prefer the energy and excitement of working outside, there is an intimacy and sponteniety which I find difficult to reproduce from a photograph.

My work is representational and I strive to use paint in a loose expressive way allowing the brushmarks to show and convey the same excitement I felt when I first engaged with the subject.

My work has been featured in The Artist magazine, exhibited with the Royal Society of Oil Painters, The Sunday Times Watercolour competitions. The Brian Sinfield Gallery, and numerous private collections worldwide.

I hold two painting workshops in my local village for oil and watercolours and occasionally paintings holidays for small groups of painters of mixed abilities